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The title of the point of view is that I heard a marketing expert said, if accurate, to be verified, however, there have been two-thirds of Nike shoes are manufactured in China, this is not fake on one occasion. Chinese-made products in overseas prices, compared with the manufacturing costs, profiteering, it is an indisputable fact. Always wanted to cite some specific examples, today suddenly saw a blog that describes a very specific image is reproduced as follows: In Europe, the mall, the supermarket, often see Chinese-made goods, but also expensive. And domestic prices up, that almost all the profits. Unfortunately, profits are falling into the hands of the man down, the Chinese enterprises and manufactured goods this missed. Busy for a long time, just to help people as dowry only. European supermarkets sell disposable lighters, many imported from China. From the outside, the quality than the domestic one dollar slightly better, but still not too bad grade. If you purchase from the domestic large quantities, it is estimated wholesale price of each lighter at most only a few cents yuan. Bursting a big day, even if they are willing to dig a dollar to buy the yuan, equivalent to the euro will a little more hair. But such lighters to the European market but a commonplace to sell 1.35-1.5 euros. A humble lighter, much as 10 tim Cheap foamposites for sale es the profits, is astounding. But if the church candles and than it is unambitious. Europe has many churches, parishioners and visitors into the activity or visit are free. But if you want to point a candle in the church, make a wish, will have to pay. Of course, this place charges are not confessed, like some of our practices, like the temple, called "voluntary contributions." The difference is in the country of the temple in order to merit a spot light, no point is do not expect the economic strength, generally a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars, on the yuan. In Europe, spot a vow church candle, as long as seven hair euros cheaper than buying a bottle of mineral water. But is this small candle looks very cheap, but more lucrative properties. It is said that this small candles are imported from China Tianjin. Quite good quality wax, candle smoke during combustion do not take a hint, church candles have to worry about how many points inside the facilities were smoked bad. This quality is quite good a little candle, only five or six cents from the purchase price of Chinese yuan, equivalent to seven per cent euros. The Church of "selling out" but it is 0.7 euros, profits of up to 10,000 percent. Some dazzling array of Christmas commodities, many are manufactured in China. Like a small ten-centimeter-tall d Retro jordans for sale olls, are generally required to sell three to four euros. According to insiders, this commodity imports from China are only a few dollars yuan, profits are frighteningly high. In Europe, more Chinese goods, should be regarded as a clothing. Chinese clothing is still very popular in Europe, especially in some middle and low clothing, cheap, people are recognized. Of course, these products are made in China though, but the brand is not China, but registered in other countries, foreign brands. The Chinese clothing label close to the ocean, and the domestic price is not cheap compared to. As an ordinary thin cotton, they have seventy to eighty euros. The price, for two or three thousand a month income of EUR Europeans, it is quite affordable. But these Europeans feel surprisingly cheap Chinese clothing can still earn huge profits. Like seventy to eighty euros padded, they estimated the purchase from China only pay seven eighty yuan. But conversely, foreign brands in Europe and the difference is huge in China. Like a pair of ECCO shoes, selling only 99 euros in Europe, amounting to less than 900 yuan, while the country have to sell more than 2,000 pieces, more than doubled. In the fight inside and outside, are foreigners take advantage. This blog is written very specifically more vivid. Based on my experience in Europe and othe jordan shoes online sale r continents, written above it is also very real. If we need a theory to explain this phenomenon, I personally tend to recommend Lang famous "6 + 1" theory. 6 means: product design, raw material procurement, storage and transportation, order processing, wholesale business, retail and other sectors terminal 1 is referred to as "manufacturing" this link. In the seven industrial chain of manufacturing and circulation of commodities, is a former Western companies more control six high return on investment benefits of links, Chinese enterprises are at the bottom of the "manufacturing" link. The largest part of the resources consumed, but minimal profits. This blog also mentioned the candles. Happened a few days ago to see Qingdao, a candle manufacturer Premier Wen proudly reported that their market share has candles is the world's second. But I think that their profits are the first of several world do? Tangible capital Competition production scale, production equipment, number of employees, and even competition market share, simply is not enough profit clincher. Profit from six years, instead of one. The thought here, I have two feelings. First, if we all went to the European businesses to open up a bit more difficult for those portions 6, then, the same people, the same environment, the same resources and the same products, f Cheap foamposites for sale oreign enterprises in China can put this 6 Fun Are we Chinese companies can not own it? Second, with 1 to 6 as a guide or guides. In other words, to produce oriented or in marketing-oriented, which is the key issue decisions profits and development. The e-commerce in addition to the one where so do not what kind of strength in every aspect 6 are able to accomplish a great court on the vast majority of the score from the cast, simple and effective and very practical, most of the players have this skill. However, how to improve the cast in the hit rate is probably one of the many issues of concern to the fans, then the following example may be able to refer to the next. 1. the ball along the step jump stop The 2. jump ball shooting 3. around dribble shot 4. around dribble shot 5. catch and shoot around The ball shot 6.7. high arch shot search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!Allen Edmonds was born in 1922, the President of the United States, the Pope, star, celebrity classic, top-quality and highly favored. Allen Edmonds golf series shoes, presen Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ts a classic of the century. 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Shoes is still a continuation of the previous generations of simple lines, but in the performance for the wearer provides intensive combat performance, speed and responsiveness, while taking into account the appearance of fashion, minimalist aesthetic. Overwhelmed by the online broke a CP3.VIII "cool grey color, grey shoes body mix black tongue and in the end. Finally, equipped with white outsole and details, overall is very elegant, at present temporarily the color of the exact release date. we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel attention "DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother? source: sneakernews001.jpg (15.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-8-1 02:16 upload The latest collection from Supreme In fact, is the use of Ari 002.jpg (27.19 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-8-1 02:16 upload a6ce796aa4d2e02a51eecbcce2ebcfd8.jpg (146.38 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-1 09:46 upload lunar year of the dragon is approaching, gathering strength, with the Dragon show against the domineering. The evening of January 13, 2012, Nike "despot contend for" Dragon Spring Festival on the final in Shanghai 800 Creative Park show kicks off. This activity "The Power Of Dragon" as the theme, through the streets of basketball, hip-hop and rap in the competition and struggle, let young people to show ambition and will to win, we hope all people to challenge the dragon's domineering and fearless attitude to welcome the new year, at the same time also presents a basketball culture gluttonous feast. in addition to duel, the activity is constantly surprises, including DJ Shortkut, DJ Uppercut and DJ Tashi three renowned DJ brought A Story of the "light show" MONSTER, crossover creative team Dontbelieveinstyle, contemporary artist Zhou Yuzheng and visual designer Wei continue to struggle for the three sets of domineering art inspiration design. Which is expected to begin in January 15th for sale on the year of the Dragon series products in the field ahead of debut, stunning the audience. Whether it is street basketball, street dance, DJ, or a variety of art installations, the scene of the Nike products all the year of the dragon, which contains the basketball culture show the most incisive.Chinese shoes Network News December 2, 2013 is bound to be an extraordinary year, just pointing Snake this gimmick, many brands already mustering the strength of a big fuss. NIKE, ADIDAS, NEW BALANCE ... all have been planning to launch a variety of Chinese and Snake related elements or shoes in 2013, the same as a shoe manufacturer PUMA naturally willing to fall behind after people. This, PUMA rushed launched "YEAR OF THE SNAKE" PACK shoes, its biggest feature is the tongue of the huge "snake", which coupled with its bright colors, no way not to let the first thing to look at to it. Like friends attention, in order to become more prominent New Year atmosphere, PUMA absolutely in January 1 the day on sale, do not miss yo.Overwhelmed Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars 2013-12-08 22:03:10 front Air Foamposite One "Shooting Stars" PE is the second half of Penny feet that captured the hearts of countless people shoes. Maybe Penny know that we have not seen enough of these shoes, so by himself exposed the number one new picture. Entire pair of shoes "magic" feel obvious, royal blue color and white stars black and white striped lace holes on this topic can be highlighted, and through the crystal outsole, we can also see the blue / white star pattern scattered them. Unfortunately, this "Shooting Star" PE does not like "Galaxy" as openly marketed. One is with the All-Star Game and a new design of "Galaxy", is a commemoration of the memory of the past and wake-up "magic", a pair of shoes carrying too much. & nbsp;