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although the sports brand Saucony in the domestic popularity of the general, but one of the four major jogging shoes brand Title enough to explain the superior performance of their shoes. In addition to the performance of the outstanding professional running shoes, Saucony Originals retro extension works is also quite good. This time the brand for the 2015 summer series adds a new Bermuda series of color, with the beach and sea water as inspiration for the Bermuda, to create a blue green Shadow 6000 and Trainer DXN. It is reported that the series will be officially on sale in May 24th, will be available through the Saucony store to buy. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: HBAlthough the Air Jordan 60+ has not been regarded as new, but recently exposed on the network of the Jordan 60+ Premier dual Air version is very awesome, the tongue is made by the super fine leather material, black leather is in light emitting a charming light, Wasit re Cheap foamposites for sale d embellishment is just perfect, worthy of the title of Premier, but this version of Sample does not only stay in the stage of sale, the double Sample is the sale of eBay, interested can look at. The latest Adidas Originals from the spring of 2013, selected the 1968 classic shoes Gazelle Indoor, under the suede setting, there is a new way to interpret the "Tonal" series offers three different color collocation, color rubber outsole, showing special retro feel, like Adidas Originals's friend, this pair of classic design is not to be missed.Fan: often commissioning editor date: 2013-12-18 HD: Kobe Prelude III classic moments behind the story complex abstract patterns are hidden under the symbol of life imprisonment uppers, mesh design geometry also extends to the shoe outsole shoes will expand the grip to the limit.Today, Nike Basketball officially released Kyrie Irving to build a new second signature boots Kyrie 2, although it is a sequel but this section but want to design athletic Kyrie for Irving, and comprehensive innovation. 15-600_Nike_Kyrie_2_Hero-01_native_1600.jpg (134.16 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Kyrie 2 officially released 2015-12-10 09:14 upload The average speed of Nike-Kyrie-2-inbound-h cheap air jordans esitation_original.gif (1.39 MB, download number: 2) download Nike Kyrie 2 officially released 2015-12-10 09:15 upload To the extraordinary time varying 77777.gif (1.69 MB, download number: 2) download Nike Kyrie 2 officially released 2015-12-10 09:19 upload Nike-Kyrie-2-finish_original.gif (412.49 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Kyrie 2 officially released 2015-12-10 09:14 upload to these guards data for design reference, so it is clear that Kyrie Irving needs a pair of shoes can withstand more twists and turns on the pitch. The new Kyrie 2 came into being, designer Leo Chang is equipped with a sole design for the one and only use Zoom, Air achieve rapid change and demand shock, but also can ensure the heel strap design stability. With this tool, Kyrie Irving will be a trend which cannot be halted. 6.jpg (42.85 KB, download number: 0 according to voice of the economy, the "world" report, e-commerce industry to voice of the economy, said: "the apparel business" point 100 "currently facing bankruptcy transfer, buyers are looking for. In order to understand the truth of the matter, the "world" to "point 100". The current executive confirmation, the other is neither admitted nor denied, but Cheap foamposites for sale said, send e-mail to reporters, but did not say the email address, hastily hung up the phone. Then, the reporter interviewed the "turn" point 100 "one former executive of Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen has confirmed the authenticity of the news. The " " point 100 "was founded in 2009, headquartered in Shanghai. In 2010, "Yao point 100" won Qiming Baidu Inc and fashion brand Daphne investment. In August last year, has been to test the Chinese e-commerce market international chip giant Intel, but also inject their own funds to the "Yao point 100". "Yao point 100" executives believe that the reason why Intel watch "Yao point 100", a "e-commerce platform" point 100 "independent research and development of the electronic commerce department; two is the company's core team has many years of rich management experience. The " " point 100 "former executives of Mr. Chen, is leaving the company in February of this year, it should be said that he is very understanding of" Yao point 100 ". According to him, Intel was said to invest ten million, but in the end is really not implemented. Although we are more optimistic about the "early" point 100 ", but it can not operate late: Chen: the first investment is the investment of Yao Ming, Baidu and jordans on sale mens Daphne are late in additional, probably at the end of last year may July, August Intel over investment, that is for 10 million, but the specific 10 million should be not implemented in the technical field of Yao point in the background, because Baidu investment in it, the technology is not much problem, before you over optimistic, because the Taiwan YAHOO in the B2C is still doing well, because it is this part of the whole team from YAHOO this piece, then we are more optimistic about the early, but not late this operation might be the early assessment of possible differences should be like this the. Chen said, "Baidu investment" point 100 "is mainly for traffic, while Daphne involved, mainly because the relationship between Taiwan," Yao point 100 "management team from YAHOO Taiwan company. Chen: Baidu is more optimistic about the investment before the electricity supplier, cool days, Baidu investment is out of the final return on investment platform. This is basically YAHOO people here, then they may be in the use of Taiwan's resources in the department store, the use of various resources to pull him over investment, before everyone on the stage are relatively optimistic about the electricity supplier, this may espec Cheap jordans online ially as Daphne is trying to invest, Baidu is a multi-faceted flowering. That is not only the glory of this investment point)4 12, a leading AR/VR company AlfaReal (the king horizon) in Tsinghua University science and Technology Park released the first AR smart glasses, also announced the official opening of Jingdong to raise public. AlfaReal AR first to feel the movement of smart glasses technology fan! Jingdong began to raise public only one day, over a million to raise money! next, we are going to review this high-profile conference! , guests and media sign in , site guests have sent to the scene horizon of blessing, wish the conference successful completion of everyone on the upcoming conference full of expectation. 14:00, the official start of the conference. "Learn to shoulder the burden, put down the face, is the lesson of entrepreneurship required." The king Liu Junfeng began to horizon CEO mystery we opened AR motion smart glasses. first, what is the AR (augmented reality)? "if you want to use a word to explain the AR, I think is through virtual and digital information for the fusion of the real world, also enhanced, thus forming based on reality, and beyond the reality of the new perception and interaction experience." CEO Liu Junfeng said. "This is the next outlet." The technical team of the king horizon by founder & CEO Liu Junfeng, partner at & Yuan Yu led the standard strategy consultant. "In the London force, Pathfinder, up to the morning of venture capital support energetically under, many view horizon has become enterprise level member of the global organization of professional and technical IEEE (International Electrical and Electronic Engineers)." CEO Liu Junfeng to introduce road. AR AlfaReal sports smart glasses what is the magic?first, AlfaReal AR smart glasses movement has the essential elements of outdoor sports glasses: cool enough! Streamlined design, overall a natural fit, sporty, men wear it threatening heroic spirit, women put on it, soft more a unique temperament. Set technology, fashion in one. in order to let the glasses more intimate, AlfaReal ar motion smart glasses take the full module design, both frames, lenses, host, or the battery can be according to the need to remove and replace. AR Sony sports smart glasses with OLED AlfaReal display on the two major problems to be a perfect answer. After many studies and verification, the position of the near eye is set in the right eye below the oblique. Both user-friendly and reasonable scientific. AlfaRea〉 in sports photography,AKASHA is suitable for mountain long distance running, the design of super Mountain Marathon, but also to meet the needs of cross-country running training. source: PIUPIUDriven by the students to return to school before the clothing purchase demand, August UK retail sales were slightly improved, but the fiscal austerity plans and prospects for the British government's uncertainty makes consumers There was no parallel in history. to massive purchase of home supplies. The British Retail Consortium (BRC British Retail Consortium) on Tuesday (September 7th) released data show that in August the overall annual rate of retail sales increased 2.8% in July, driven by the students to return to school before the clothing purchase demand, August UK retail sales were slightly improved, but the fiscal austerity plans and prospects for the British government's uncertainty makes There was no parallel in history. consumers unwilling to purchase home activities. British Retail Association (BRC British Retail Consortium) on Tuesday (September 7th) released data show that the British retail sales in August increased by 2.8% per annum, an increase of 2.6% in July annual rate. Retail sales in the same store grew by an annual rate of 1% in August, an increase of 0.5% in July. primary and middle school students to return to school after the summer vacation, the demand for clothing, coupled with seasonal weather changes caused by the conversion of the clothing, shoes and hats, promote demand, thereby stimulating non food retail sales to achieve the overall slightly improved. however, BRC also pointed out that, while retail sales are still growing, but involves the government debt reduction may lead to the deterioration of the environment and the planned employment tax raised similar concerns forced consumers to buy major household big think twice. (Editor: admin).Time: 2011-12-05 14:00 source: network Author: Order: click on the time until December 2nd 1, BELLE: 121 billion 959 million yuan (HK $, the same below); 2, Yu Yuan Group: 37 billion 760 million yuan; 3, Anta: 21 billion yuan; 4, Daphne: 13 billion 38 million yuan; 5, Chinese trends: 7 billion 722 million yuan, 361:70.71 million; 6 Lining: 7 yuan; 6 billion 904 million yuan; 8, toread: 5 billion 156 million yuan (HK $6 billion 318 million 160 thousand); 9, XTEP: as of December 2nd 5 billion 267 million