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Shawn The Hong Kong well-known artists, the Hong Kong basketball team Hengzhou industry leader, or street fashion ICON, recently on his personal Instagram drying out a pair of "horizontal Chau industry" air jordan 3 customized version. This is Soleclinics a customized sneakers, the most watched Could be, "Wang Chau Industrial" font, body in red leather with blue form on the tongue, outsole with a white, do not have a flavor, people expect more and more on foot map, interested friends may wish to pay more attention!Stephen Curry has been used in practice with the team with Curry 2 'Haight Street' is on the sidelines of the media to capture, recently designed this color is gradually clear, from the inside of the tongue words can hammer out inspiration is from San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, there is a 1960s American hippie movement. The origin of today riotous with colour the streets everywhere and graffiti art become the local characteristics; the design team attempted to use in camouflage pattern design for bottom shoes and the hippie district's cultural links, looking forward to the official public more detailed information. source: SneakerFiles has previously heard the effects brought in Kanye West, YEEZY Adidas Originals series will no longer confined to the leisure life extension, and even cross professional sports fields launched basketball shoes, which achieve the goal, the game NFL to nail shoes YEEZY series design also represents the news is gradually progress in. As Von Miller recently in the warm-up with YEEZY 750 and Adrian Peterson Hopkins DeAndre shoe is put on YEEZY 350 days before the spike has also been in the foreign 9/16 sale. however, in the interest of all YEEZY shoes in the football field, but the NFL of Hopkins and a fine of 6000 yuan penalty to dollars, the reason for this is that the shoes does not comply with the provisions of the Union and to prohibit wearing. This makes you realize that the original NFL and the provisions are so conservative, like the early NBA. Further understanding of the relevant rules, NFL expressly players of the shoes can only be three color black, white, on behalf of the team, the rest are not met, so we use YEEZY 350 'Turtle Dove' DeAndre Hopkins spikes naturally become the object of prohibition. He says it will not stop wearing the YEEZY 350 spikes, unless he is willing to pay a fine of Kanye West. This event is more or less for adidas has influence in the battleground of the four major North American occupation movement in NFL, Adidas will go to Michael Jordan Nike with the past with a way not known, and the result is the same as it is very difficult to predict, but there might be some compromise and simple way to implement. As the existing YEEZY 750 spikes is a good example, with the same color it has not been any stop, may adjust the YEEZY 350 color will have spikes to improve. source: Sole Collector in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, the United States track and field athletes Michael Johnson won two gold medals in the men's 200 meter dash, 400 projects and achievements, but also won this award in the same time the Olympic athletes only, has not yet been reached with the same record. Twenty years later, CO branded Nike in honour of this success and particularly the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 as a design blueprint and launched a special color, it is from the Michael Johnson at Nike Spikes feet those glittering, the concept of left foot in different colors also happens to echo Logo Swoosh Yin and Yang configuration, the overall Retro jordans for sale detail can be quite delicate. Interested candidates are currently available on Nike's official online site and are priced at $120. source: Nike / PeopleAir Jordan 1 Retro High OG Top 3 Taiwan region will be sold at a particular store point in November 28th, male models priced at 5800 yuan, BG (Boys, Grade, School) priced at $4400. We will be responsible for arranging the distributors' links for the current sales methods in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the store's announcement. This article will be updated until 23:59 tonight. More information on shoe listings is also available on the Kenlu Calendar news. Wuchang 23 source: NikeNike and the legendary female coach Kay Yow established breast cancer foundation to cooperate for a long time, has launched every year as the exclusive color, its popular shoes Nike Kay Yow 2014 Basketball this time? Pack open respectively at the world championships to shine? Hyperdunk 2014 and Run The One two pairs of shoes. And now they are listed abroad. news source: footlocker?Under, Armour, Curry, Two, Low, Chef,, inspiration, self catering caps, Stephen Curry on the court can always show great skill, and serve good food to meet the fans. Taiwan area in June 11th officially on sale, the price of 4880 yuan NT$, we as members of shoe finishing Under Armour Taiwan survey published in the Facebook store, the actual selling way and place in the transaction mechanism please store announcement. - the flagship store address: - flagship store loyalty address: Taipei City, Da An District Four 181 Lane Road 10 Lane 17, - Shilin store address: Taipei Shilin District High Road No. 15-11 address: Xinyi shinguang Songshou Road No. 11 4 floor Taipei City, Zhongshan Nanjing West Road District No. 15 5 floor meal and eco global address: New Taipei City and Zhongshan Road District Three 122 Building No. 2 Tel: (02) - store address: Feng Chia Taichung situn District Fuxing Road No. 409 1 building - Chiayi store address: Chiayi City District No. 376 Zhongshan Road Tel: (05) - Tainan Mitsukoshi new world address: Simon Tainan Road, Western District section of No. 658 floor 5 A has many well-known sports brand headquarters is located in the north of Portland City, Oregon, is the heart of global sporting goods industry, providing the world endless creative energy. According to Biz Journal news that last year will enhance brand value to a new realm of Under Armour, recently also in this stage unwilling to remain out of the limelight theater rented a predecessor is owned by the YMCA organization as a new office buildings, a total area of 70000 square meters, is five times the current site of the headquarters in Washington many. Under Armour in the last one or two years the fledgling, with a clear product positioning and explosive marketing strategy have become the focus of all walks of life to his behavior, and the invasion of the door step families will bring any changes to the decline of the influence of all parties in the industry, we can see. source: Sneaker, News, Oregonlive, Sole, CollectorDeMar DeRozan shot mainly around the three point line within, in fact it is difficult to imagine a three point shots by players can become a leader in NBA scores in the league, DeRozan is also in the distance weapons of its own unique side show. In addition to excellent scores, the DeRozan field is like being the best spokesperson shoes Kobe Bryant after retirement, in addition to being series, recently saw him with Kobe Mentality series II, also as Nike's player he won, the unique Kobe A.D. PE exclusive opportunity after the two stage, third pairs of black models in the recently released, I have been in the United States time 12/2 against the Lakers with. source: Nike / gettyimagesa place to make New York proud. It is located in the New York area 155th Harlem Yu Avenue, Douglas Avenue adjacent to Frederic ·. Rock is not a general sense of the park, for those who are obsessed with black culture, New York culture and even the American culture, this is a place to go. here is the temple of the street basketball, even if it is like Kobe NBA superstar came to Rock Park, but also to maintain humility. New York Saturday morning subway is empty, singing and telling stories of the single fathers haven't started work, only two don't know is open party too late or be wife rushed out to the Southeast Asian Boys wrinkly eyebrows is sleeping in the car tight inside the seat. I go down the B line to the north to sit down to 155th Street, check the phone decline in the decline of the child's seat in the old black brother's hands, he patted the bottom of the car. Holcombe years, Rucker Marry and his wife Thomas 1947 composed of their own family. He looked at the once called P.S. 156 playground filled with garbage, the initiation of the a thought -- the idea he smelled passing two 10-year-old little old black body smell of marijuana childhood has become an instant determination -- he wants to use basketball to clean streets, basketball to irrigate the hearts of children. 1956, Holcombe Rucker died of cancer. New York people in order to commemorate the age of only 38 years old life mentor, in 1975, the official P.S 156 Playground was renamed Rock park". 1971 years, the destroyer in the "Dr. J" scored 50 points on the head of the game has been talked about by people. When Julius Erving, day of the early Street legends in their own land to be humiliated, Joe & quot; the Destroyer" Hammond refused to the Lakers for $5 million and ABA three years contract failure is not worth mentioning. 1996, movie Rebound: the legend of Earl & quot; the Goat". Manigault "release, HBO to the story of" the goat "onto the screen, to commemorate the ancestors of the street basketball. 1998, and1 mixtape Vol.1 published, Rafer Alston and at the age of 12 crossovers slag pixel video save the and1 company on the verge of collapse. Both his admirers aaron & quot; AO" Owens is the Duke Tango dry docile "Professor" Boucher, each a streetball enthusiasts are holding the video band repeatedly seen dozens of times, like at Rucker Park everywhere can see children wearing a & quot; skip 〉as the most valuable shoe purchase in April, many people have already won the air jordan XII "Playoff" shoes. But this high popularity also let Jordan Brand that does not stop. A celebrity in the recently held Michael Jordan personal organization Invitational, famous players Dwight Freeney wore the AJ 12 "Playoff" as the prototype to build golf shoes debut, its stunning degree of self-evident. Shoes accurately AJ 12 black and white separate design cleverly applied to the golf shoes, not only can be more loyal to the original, but also can increase the foot twist force when hitting. I wonder if the high popularity of AJ 12 "Playoff" can make you like this golf shoes? Source: 1988 slam dunk contest, the first is to use the Jumpman double Logo Jordan shoes, with the elephant marks the inspiration for the design of the classic elements of visual Air, burst of air, these are air jordan III memories, but how many people know that behind this pair of shoes great story? In fact, he was not very satisfied with NIKE's first two generations of sneakers, or even wanted to leave. Of course, other sports brands naturally won't miss this golden opportunity, such as Adidas, who will try their best to reach Jordan and promise to give him more pay and a good room for development. The crisis now, Nike must respond. at this time, a background designer Tinker. Hatfield architecture inherited the Air Jordan III research and development tasks, in order to make flying stay in Nike as a last resort. Hard work pays off, with the joint efforts of the whole design team, after three days of finished shoes Sample samples, and the first time to contact Jordan and his parents, bring them to the Nike headquarters in Portland. Everything is ready, then the team will do our best to tinker design results, Michael hope to change mind. at the show, Jordan held shoes samples, Nike designers carefully described the shoes R & D process, while the large screen playing when he was a child playing video clips. At the time, Michael's parents were surprised to say, "where did you find all this stuff? It was incredible."!" The mother took Jordan's hand and said excitedly, "boy, I've never seen a company pay so much attention to you. You must sign the contract with this company."!" In time, the whole meeting room is boiling over. In this way, she followed her mother's advice and agreed to continue working with Nike. Tinker Hatfield team with their dedication and perseverance to complete an incredible task, but also because of Air, Jordan, III, the magic shoes, only today's Air Jordan series of inheritance and glory. Air Jordan III helped the flying man to win the 1988 NBA dunk contest champion The has a background designer Tinker Hatfield architecture (Tinker Hatfield) made an indelible contribution for the inheritance of Jordan brand 2012-6-27 upload and download attachments at 10:21 (186.32, KB) in the recently concluded NBA finals, Lebron, ·, James and Kevin - Durant became rivals in the field. What would happen if the two superstars joined forces? Fortunately we will see two stars together during this year's masterpiece in the August Olympic Games, a customized version of designer Sab-One seems to us in advance the interpretation of this joint intention, this Nike LeBron 9 "Weatherman" customized version of new products, shoes with green color, the design of atmospheric cloud tongue, medial ankle and insole the colorful footprints are derived from the classical KD 4 "Weatherman" color, choose this is enough to reflect the KD of each color 4 are so classic. 2012-6-27 10:21 upload and download attachments (264.64 KB) 2012-6-27 10:21 upload and download attachments (192.85 KB) 2012-6-27 10:21 upload and download attachments (255.41 KB) 2012-6-27 10:21 upload and download attachments (124.21 KB) 2012-5-2 19:30 upload and download the attachment (74.26 KB) we have to bring Nike to the American dream team especially the release of Dunk High, the launch of the same theme design Air Force 1 Low "Dream Team", the shoe body still uses a red bright color design, and collocation Swoosh black and bright blue laces, and the tongue of "BAR" embroidery is to commemorate the dream team in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona (Barcelona Spain) a brilliant record, looking forward to the "dream ten" can have better performance in london.17 all star celebrity game do you see time as a leader and not pure straight and you want to confess something masters appeared two people I do see the face in the whole is a big joke! Although the two data is not enough to highlight the 3 Jiang Wu Yifan kifo 2 points but no matter what you want to have to admire the leader Fu Tsai's physical quality badly + in + koutubaimo I'm sure ! So the training! Who put the body on the stick can buckle! (I'm not) for Kirs (TE) micro cutting Xiaofan leader (BIE) last year masters jealous because he and the leader of the T-mac photo idol cannot be more pull farther as the ultimate goal is to teach the leader of shoes shoes so much tremendous effort to integrate the two people on foot shoes for everyone to "take" Jiang kifo Lebron 12 EP Air Max 1 Air Jordan 6 "slam master" striking MIC and Chen Deng will buckle on foot Kobe 8 Teng star.Don't forget the time gap filming on the foot of Air Max 2014 Look from the foot KD7 all star Kobe 9 low color Beethoven Wu Yifan more show gas ~ AJ1 Retro Hi Preier Guecci Air Jordan Retro Mid blue and yellow color Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Spider Man " Air Jordan 608 6/17 package AJ1 OG 1985 year! Badly! AirJordan 3 vintage white black burst crack with Jiang Jinfu and Wu Yifan's experience. More and more hope to play more Chinese artists in the NBA masters to shine the faithful to guess who will recommend next year in it don't mention what hands the ball, now talk about "men and women alike" & quot; quot; old rascal & Happy birthday! Please accept our gift want crossovers Sao God? Play this "windmill" NBA new century each season best blocks, which most be brutal and inhuman? My shoes are shoes, they are luxury to celebrate the brand was founded in 50th anniversary, Vans launched a new catalogue of other classic shoes Sk8-Hi, played by American new model Natalie Westling appearance, Sk8-Hi shoe was born in 1978, it is high to help Old Skool, the continuation of the iconic side stripes. this shoe thickens the heel, so that the skater can get more protection in the bowl pool competition. Nowadays, we often use this shoe style with bands, artists and street artists. before we reported this year, Air Jordan 6 will launch a "Gatorade" color. The sale of its basic information finally confirmed, in the year 10.21, the Air Jordan 6 "Gatorade" will be released at the price of $190, number of 384664-115, but there is still no real spy specific exposure, love this shoe friends please continue to pay attention to our report. (Ps: pictured with renderings) app address:; a=goClick& amp; id=12640New 100-lun surely we are not unfamiliar, new balance is one of the four major shoe brand, known as the president's Retro running shoes, running shoes by the majority of young people's favorite. The New Balance new 100-lun classic M480V4 shock running shoes, shoe design continues the light, breathable fabric with lightweight material and a hot shoe, breathable excellent performance. ABZORB technology with EVA foam midsole provides excellent cushioning, but also with traction outsole, full shock absorption, buffering pressure from the outside. Today the New Mayer Balance new 100-lun classic M480V4 shock running shoes red/black 11.5 color code special offer $19.86, does not support direct mail transport, it is about 220 yuan. Xiao Bian checked the size of 11.5 yards, equivalent to our 45.5 yards, so Bigfoot men are not fast? (global shoe network Seven editor)